Writing: Know, Believe, and Perceive

While I firmly believe that everyone has something to say, the only common definition of writing is putting words on paper. Kids in school pass notes to each other in class, parents write absent excuses to teachers, professionals write business letters and emails. All of these people are considered writers, but not all are authors.

After spending too much time in the accounting field, I finally decided to go to college and pursue my degree in English. Words and language have always been a passion of mine, and I felt that this degree would assist with my business career. I never thought about attempting to make a living with writing until the last two semesters of my undergraduate.

I don’t feel that anyone who really wants to write and makes a true attempt is a “bad writer.” Not everyone has the same tastes or even works in the same genre. As the saying goes, “One Mans Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.” Also, with the advancement of technology, almost everyone can now be considered a “published author” with any post on the internet.