Scaffolding Assignment

Delving into Decades

In two semesters, myself and the others in this class will be standing in front of a class of 1101 students as Teachers of Record. This course and the one next semester will prepare us to perform this immense task. We will also be shadowing an instructor who was once in our shoes. To this end, we have been asked to begin planning assignments that may or may not be used in our classrooms, but will give us ideas and directions on which way to begin.

One of the main components in this assignment was to use the five concepts we learned early in the year. The book we used was small, but was also filled with many significant ideas and directions to navigate the path of our courses.

We will be exploring the five concepts in the following ways such as number 1, writing is a social and rhetorical activity by writing in many different forms; rhetorical arguments, close readings, personal narratives, and compare and contrast essays. We will be exploring recognizable forms and identities and ideologies not only through those forms of writings, but also the research practices indicated. Peer review and revision and rewriting will show that no writing is ever perfect and all writers have more to learn. I hope that the students enjoy the structure of my class.