The First Martin’s

My aunt lived on the corner of Bankhead Highway and Maxim Roads. She had four kids, and two were very close in age to me so we spent quite a lot of time together. One day, the lot in front of their house was sold, and building began. We watched as the construction continued. Because of the size and style of the structure, it didn’t take too long to finish. The longest part was pouring the asphalt parking lot.

In 1962, the first Martin’s opened on Bankhead Highway. It was a drive-in complete with car-hops on roller skates. Their hot dogs were the closest you could get to the Varsity’s without driving to downtown Atlanta. There was no dining room, so you either had to eat in your car, or there was a walk-up window where you could order the food to go. Even after 57 years, the original has not changed that much, except there are no longer any car-hops, and it has changed to a drive-thru.

Today, there are over 16 stores throughout Cobb and Douglas Counties, with more on the way. The menu has expanded and now is the most popular breakfast restaurant in the area.