New Careers in the 21st Century:

I Want to be a Blogger

Blogger: (Noun) One Who Blogs

Blog: (Noun) To Use a Website to Create a Conversation

Educational Requirements: No Special Educational Requirements Needed, But Some Command of    Language is Preferred

Experience: Experience in What the Blog is Concerning is Preferred, i.e. If Blog is About Make-Up, Blogger Should Know How to Apply, or Bakers Should Blog About Decorating Cakes

Skills and Abilities: Understanding of Technology is a Plus

Job Duties: Keeping Current on New Trends in Subject; Updating Conversation Regularly

Salary: According to “Millennial Money” a Blogger Can Make $500 – $2,000 per Month in the 1st Year

Related Job Titles: Vlogger, Content Creator, Columnist

Location of Job Opportunities: Some Opportunities are in Corporate America, but Most Bloggers but Most Bloggers Work for Themselves in Their Own Home

Resources to Prepare for the Position: Research Other Blogs; Information Technologies Consultants; Website Domain Research; Subject Matter Research; Grammar Classes

Key Terminology: Blog; Vlog; Website; Content Creation; Digital Information; Digital Storytelling; Electronic Communication; Information Technology; Text; Social Media; Users; Database; Computers; iPhone; Android; iPad; Tablet; User-Friendly; End User

Additional: This career can be started at any age, by any person with or even without technological expertise. All that is really needed is a computer, a little knowledge on a subject to be written about, and the desire to share it with others. A person can create only one blog or as many as they wish. Most of the income is from advertisers, therefore the website needs to be fresh, intriguing, and interesting to others. Research into the subject matter, audience demographics, and audience interest is necessary in order to be successful.