Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Even in Ancient Times, the people understood the importance of home ownership. The “Land Barons” made the laws and controlled the “Peasants.” As time went on, this simple concept has held true. Home Ownership is the Great American Dream, and is a person’s greatest expense and greatest asset. Even in large cities, apartments are purchased.

A couple gets married and begins to raise a family. They realize that they need a place to give their family safety, shelter, and stability. So they save money and get their finances and credit in order and make their biggest investment. Sometimes this couple will begin small and keep trading up until their needs are met. Other times the family will make huge sacrifices to begin with the greater.

Then, a day will come when a decision will have to be made. The children have grown up and moved to their own homes. Retirement has finally been reached. It is now time to make the “when we retire, we will…” come true. It is at this time that coversations have to be started.

There are so many questions. Is this house too big for the two of us? Is it too draining to keep clean and maintained? Are the maintence issues getting too expensive? Do we want to travel? Do we want to downsize? Do we want to move to a community surrounded with others who are our age? Is our health beginning to fail?

These are the questions that need to be asked. These questions need to be discussed between the couple, and then the children need to be spoken with as well. Options need to be explored. Experts need to be consulted. These are not easy questions, and should not be answered too quickly.