Davis Chapel and Cemetery

When my ancestors settled in Mableton, GA, there was soon a need for a cemetery. Land was purchased and was opened to families in the area. In the late 1920’s, my great uncle, who was a Baptist Minister, built a small wooden chapel so his nieces and nephews could attend church. This small chapel is still standing today.


My grandparents are buried there, and each of their nine children and spouses have plots there. As we have grown older, several of my cousins who have passed are also interred here. The family are volunteer caretakers of the chapel and cemetery. We often hold memorial services and other small events here.

Davis Plot in Cemetery

My father was the first of the family who did not want his final resting place here. He picked out lots in Harmony Leland Cemetery close to the lake because he wanted to “watch the ducks play in the water.” At first, this caused an uproar in the family, but since then, both my parents, two sisters and niece are buried there. I have decided to be cremated, but otherwise that is where I would spend eternity.