The Next Chapter

I am so excited. The time is getting short for this semester, and that means that I am that much closer to my dream. In the spring, I will be teaching Comp 1102, and beginning my Capstone project. If all goes well, I will be graduating with my Master’s Degree in May of 2021. A perfect birthday gift to myself.

Where I Grew Up

I have broken down my life into (not so) equal parts. First was my growing and school years. Then, I spent seventeen years as a wife and mother. After my divorce came my long, very unsatisfying life as an accountant. In the peak of my “golden years,” I decided to go after my diploma. But, even this turned into a circuitious path. For my 62nd birthday, I treated myself to an undergraduate degree in English.

Graduation 2019

When I graduate with my masters in Professional Writing, I will begin the next chapter in my life. The dream that has become such an important part of my future is to begin a website, blog page, and hopefully a new business built around helping people of a certain age navigate the questions and challenges of retirement in this new age of technology.

Even Antiques Have a Second Life