Perry Mason Was My Hero

On Saturday nights at 9:00 pm, I was in front of the television set in my parents living room, watching as Perry Mason and Della Street saved their clients from the gas chamber. When I was young, I wanted to become Della, and be the glue that held the lawyer’s office together. As an undergrad, I received my minor in business law.

Even though I no longer want to be a legal secretary, or even a lawyer, I still have respect for the legal profession, and realize the importance of having a family lawyer on retainer. Especially, as people age, attorneys are a vital part of their team.

There are so many issues that will be coming to a head as an individual or a couple age. Will’s must be kept up to date. Probate must be understood. Living wills and do not resusitate orders must be decided on. Also needing to be discussed is power of attorneys, and when these should be signed. Aging comes with many perks, but many downfalls as well. A good family lawyer can help navigate the dark side.