Desktop Publishing

In the Spring 2020 Semester, I took a desktop publishing course at Kennesaw State University.

In this course I produced three projects using different formats and for varied audiences.

The first was a revision of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Using a drawing made especially for this project, along with new front and back matter, the updated cover art and font change updated the book. It was my desire to make this book more appealing for a more modern audience.

The next assignment was a chapbook. I chose the Veteran’s Administration as my subject. My father served in World War II. When he died in 1977, my mother received a very small check every month. Then, in 2012, we discovered that she was entitled to benefits that we didn’t even know existed. We began applying for those benefits in that year. When she died in 2014, we still had no answer from the VA. She lost out on thousands of dollars she was entitled to.

For the third and final assignment, I had the honor to take two of my granddaughters drawings and put them into an artists book. It was my hope to pay homage to their talents. Each one has a specialty. The oldest prefers to use colored pencils and pen and ink to create portraits. The younger uses markers and loves to draw geometric shapes. I want to continue gathering art from both of them and have this art book published for them.